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Another way to Sell

The ONLY estate agent that will pay you to sell

Say goodbye to fixed fees and turn the expense you expected to lose into a steady monthly income for three years.

Fixed Fee Structure

We offer a straightforward fixed fee structure based on the value of your property.

Our fees are simple, transparent and competitive with no hidden costs.

Properties up to £249,999 incur a fixed fee of £1,500

Properties from £250,000 to £449,999 incur a fixed fee of £2,500

Properties priced at £450,000 and above incur a fee of 1%

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Get Paid To Sell

A service that no other agent offers!

Regardless of the property valuation and associated fee, sellers always have the opportunity to convert their sales fee into a purchase of our Rental Income Service.

Generate rental income from a commitment of just £5k. Choose to use your fee to fund the refurb of a property in our guaranteed rent portfolio. This will provide you with a fixed monthly income for three years.

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Why choose us?

Selling your property

While we offer the same no sale, no fee benefit of a high street agent, we add to that by offering simple fixed fees with no hidden costs. What's more, we take it a step further by paying you to sell your house!

Unparalleled Marketing

Get exclusive access to our sister company Virtual Estate to give your listing unmatched marketing visuals at no extra cost. From virtual staging to 3D walkthroughs and interactive tours, we use cutting-edge technology to showcase your property in the best possible light, attracting more buyers and maximising sale speed.

Exceptional Customer Service

We prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. Our team is committed to providing personalised support every step of the way, ensuring smooth and hassle-free sales. From initial consultation to post-sale assistance, we'll never leave you with an unresolved issue or waiting weeks for a reply. We're here to serve you and help get your property sold at the best possible price.

Access Our Investor Community

Gain access to our extensive network of investors and portfolio landlords, many of which are cash buyers ready to move quickly on the right properties. Whether you're looking for a quick sale or to explore investment opportunities post-sale, our community provides a valuable resource to help you maximise returns on the sale of your property.

How much could you earn?

Input your property’s value to calculate how much we would pay in fixed income for selling your home.

Property value: £500,000

This is based on sales fees comitted to fund the refurbishment of a property in our guaranteed rent portfolio. Once this property is tenanted, clients will be payed a regular monthly rent instead of loosing their fee as an expense. Whilst refurb costs, rent, and returns will vary, we aim to achieve clients average returns of 14,6% per property per annum. The minimum comittment is £5,000. Where sales fees are lower, they must be topped up

You could earn:

Don’t take our word for it

Hear from hundreds of sellers who chose to work with us.

"Property Sense exceeded my expectations in every aspect of selling my property.

Their knowledge of the market and strategic pricing strategies were key factors in attracting the right buyers. Their team’s professionalism and attention to detail instilled confidence in me throughout the process. I appreciated their transparent communication and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome. Selling my property with Property Sense was a positive and rewarding experience.”


"Property Sense caught my attention with their unique proposition of paying me to sell my property, and they delivered on their promise.

Their innovative approach, coupled with top-notch marketing strategies, ensured a quick sale and excellent payment options instead of fees. I’ve never encountered a company that offers such comprehensive services and puts money back in my pocket. Selling my property with Property Sense was a refreshing and rewarding experience.”


"Property Sense's expertise in the market and strategic approach to selling made all the difference for me.

After struggling to attract buyers for weeks, their team came in with a fresh perspective and actionable insights. Their personalised approach and attention to detail ensured that my property stood out in a competitive market. Thanks to Property Sense, I was able to sell my property quickly and at a price that exceeded my expectations.”


"I was amazed by the innovative technology Property Sense used to market my property.

After weeks of my property sitting on the market with little interest, Property Sense introduced virtual staging, and the results were incredible. Within just a week, I started receiving offers, and my property was finally getting the attention it deserved. Their use of cutting-edge technology truly made all the difference in selling my property quickly and effectively.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some common questions from landlords.

If you're considering selling, our team will provide a free professional valuation and we promise not to over value your property to secure your business. We offer honest advice to navigate today's market, with an added benefit that you can turn your sales fee into a profitable investment, providing you with a fixed income for selling your house. There is nothing to lose - not even your fee!

While some companies offer seemingly free property sales, it's essential to scrutinise the fine print. Many include hidden fees. While you can sell for free on platforms like Zoopla with no pictures, the moment you opt for a Rightmove listing with images, a fixed fee is often involved, regardless of sale. At Property Sense we are rewriting the rules of selling. We will pay you to sell your house, with comprehensive marketing visuals and Rightmove listings included in our all-inclusive sale service.

Pricing is key to selling quickly. Traditional estate agents often tell sellers what they want to hear, resulting in overpriced properties that sit on the market and are subjected to price reductions to drive demand. Our valuation team offers honest, transparent advice to help sellers move quickly and to top it off, we will even pay you to sell your house.

Traditional estate agents typically charge a fee ranging from 1% to 2% of your property's sale price. Selling with Property Sense means transparent and competitive pricing, with the option to convert your fee and generate a fixed monthly income. That's right – we pay you to sell your house.

Our team offers virtual or in-person valuations to help you get started. Book your FREE appointment now.

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