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Bespoke management services

We alleviate the burden on owners and developers alike, ensuring the smooth operation of residential complexes 24 hours a day.

Lettings Management

Access our exclusive marketing packages, and enjoy the rapid letting of your property, regardless of block size or location.

  • Pre and post build marketing and PR
  • Tenant sourcing, vetting, and management
  • Preparing properties for let
  • Rent collection and financial reporting
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Online systems with client portals
  • 24/7 maintenance issue reporting
  • Reletting service 7 day a week viewing availability
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Property Management

With dedicated tenant and landlord portals, our team guarantees timely responses to every query.

  • Communal area maintenance
  • Compliance management
  • Communication with residents
  • Recruitment and management for onsite/contracted staff
  • System-backed tenant management
  • Service charge and ground rent management
  • Income and expenditure reporting
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Facilities Management

From cleaning and landscaping to security and waste management, we ensure that any shared spaces are always kept in pristine condition.

  • Day-to-day facility operations
  • Maintenance planning and execution Health and safety compliance
  • Contractor management
  • Landlord & Tenant App
  • Simplifying maintenance requests and management
  • Waste management
  • Building & infrastructure maintenance
  • Security
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Our services can be seamlessly adapted to your specific requirements

We understand the challenges of managing blocks and communal spaces of any size and our expert team is on hand to ensure your development operates seamlessly 24/7.

Systems for Seamless Operation

Investing heavily in technology, our CRM is designed to manage lettings on a large scale. Tenants benefit from hassle-free maintenance requests, live updates, and instant access to crucial details. Landlords enjoy streamlined portfolio oversight, reduced calls, quick maintenance approvals, and organised document management.

Dedicated and Experienced Team

Our core strength lies in our exceptional team with over a decade of collective experience in managing all aspects of property management and marketing. We prioritise a personalised approach, ensuring landlords and tenants have a designated account manager to provide consistent and reliable communication.

You Ask, We Deliver

Every interaction is an opportunity to exceed your expectations and deliver on our promise of exceptional client-centric services. Whether addressing concerns or ensuring requests are promptly handled, we believe in 24/7 availability and effective resolution.

Don’t take our word for it

Hear from the developers and owners we work with every day.

"Property Sense's tenant and owner portals have revolutionised our block management experience.

With 24/7 maintenance alerts and tracking capabilities, communication between all stakeholders has never been smoother. These portals ensure that maintenance issues are promptly addressed, and everyone involved has real-time visibility into the status of any ongoing tasks. Property Sense’s commitment to efficient communication has greatly enhanced the overall satisfaction of both tenants and owners within our development.”

Block Management

"Property Sense's block management service has been instrumental in supporting the marketing of our development.

Their brilliant tenant and owner apps facilitate seamless communication and reporting, ensuring that all parties involved are well-informed and satisfied with the management of the block. The efficiency and effectiveness of Property Sense’s technology have significantly contributed to the success of our marketing efforts.”

Block Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some common questions about block management.

Block management companies are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and maintenance of residential complexes, including apartment blocks and communal spaces. At Property Sense, we go beyond traditional management by offering comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of each development. From facilities management to tenant sourcing and exclusive marketing, we ensure seamless operation and maximum value for property owners.

When selecting a block management company, it's essential to consider their track record and commitment to customer service. At Property Sense, we stand out by offering a dedicated team with years of experience in the industry. Our client-centric approach ensures transparent communication, efficient problem-solving, and a tailored management plan to meet your specific requirements. Plus, with our seamless integration of marketing services through our sister company Virtual Estate, we guarantee unparalleled tenant sourcing and occupancy rates.

For many large-scale management companies, marketing is not often their primary focus. This can result in slow occupancy rates. However, at Property Sense, we offer exclusive access to our sister company, providing cutting-edge 3D visuals and metric-driven marketing strategies at no extra cost. By leveraging this unique partnership, we ensure your development is marketed effectively and attracts tenants swiftly, maximising occupancy rates and returns on your investment.

The right time to start marketing your development is as early as possible. Property Sense specialises in marketing properties and developments pre-build, ensuring maximum occupancy rates ahead of time. By starting early, we create anticipation and generate interest, leading to faster tenant acquisition and a smoother transition to occupancy.

While some developers may consider managing their own developments in-house, this often stems from a perceived lack of value from traditional management companies. Property Sense aims to change this perception by providing unmatched marketing capabilities coupled with hands-on day-to-day management. Our services deliver tangible value and exceptional service to both owners and tenants, making it a worthwhile investment for any development project.

Fill out the form below, and one of our dedicated team members will get in touch with you shortly to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

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