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another way to EARN

Make money from property without purchasing

We've made earning from property accessible to everyone. Our current opportunities are providing clients returns of up to 18% per annum.

Why Choose Us

Earning with Property Sense is simple

Choose a property from our guaranteed rent portfolio that matches your desired commitment and return. Our team will use your funds to complete the required refurb. Once the property is tenanted, we will pay you a rental uplift every month in accordance with your mandate.

Market leading returns

Generate rental income from a commitment of just £5k. Opportunities achieve returns between 12% and 18% per annum on your money, outperforming traditional investment avenues.

A Social Purpose

Your commitment will help provide long-term, sustainable housing for vulnerable families and individuals. It also assists landlords in enhancing their properties to ensure a better living experience for tenants - a win-win situation that benefits clients and communities alike

Fully Managed Solutions

Once you have chosen a property from our guaranteed rent portfolio, our team will manage the full refurb. We will handle all necessary repairs and upkeep. You will not be liable for any further costs associated with your property, regardless of refurb overspend or maintenance.

Don’t take our word for it

Hear from the investors we work with every day.

“I’ve never been a risk taker but know when a good opportunity comes along and that if you snooze you lose.

This time I didn’t snooze and I’m so glad that I didn’t! Loving the monthly payments and whichever way you look at this, you cannot lose. Just wish I could do another refurb as this deal certainly won’t be around for long. I cannot recommend Property Sense enough. Thank you.”


“I researched a number of companies offering similar opportunities.

Property Sense was by far the most transparent and helpful. I had several phone calls and met the team in person before deciding to refurb one of their properties and they were extremely friendly and professional at all times.”


“Now that I am retired I was looking for a way to increase my monthly income.

I chose a property refurb that aligned with my goals and can honestly say it turned out to be the best decision I made. The money is paid into my account every month on time month on time.Therefore I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to earn more every month.”


“Property Sense provides a reliable opportunity to earn additional income and their customer experience is par excellence!

You feel well looked after by a professional team who are always there to answer any queries. Would highly recommend it if you’re after additional income and healthy returns.”


“The punctuality of payments has been fantastic, reflecting their reliability and professionalism.

What truly sets Property Sense apart is the genuine care and attention they provide to their clients. The creation of a club where we can socialise and connect is a testament to their dedication to create a strong community. Not only have I made a sound choice, but I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some incredible individuals along the way.” 


Take a look at some of our available opportunities

Here you can see how much you can earn from each individual property. Which one suits you?

Derby DE1

Example Opportunity
  • Apartment Block
  • 18 Bedrooms
  • Social Housing Let
  • 36 Month Tenancy
  • £60,000 Commitment
  • £2,600 Monthly Payments
  • £11,200 Annual Profit
  • 18.67% ROI per annum
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Twickenham TW2

Example Opportunity
  • Terraced
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Social Housing Let
  • 36 Month Tenancy
  • £25,000 Commitment
  • £1.025 Monthly Payment
  • £3,966.67 Annual Profit
  • 15.87% ROI per annum
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Aberdare CF44

Example Opportunity
  • Semi-Detached
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Social Housing Let
  • 36 Month Tenancy
  • £10,000 Commitment
  • £400 Monthly Payment
  • £1,466.67 Annual Profit
  • 14.67% ROI per annum
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Earn Without Owning

How much could you earn?

Commitment: £75,000

This is based on a commitment to cover the refurb of a property on our guaranteed rent portfolio to produce average returns of around 14.6% per annum 44% total ROI.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some common questions about our earn without owning service

Yes, at Property Sense, you can make money from property without owning a house through our innovative investment opportunity. With investments starting from £5000, you can participate in property ventures aligned with your objectives and desired returns. Enjoy regular rental income and transparent reporting on your property's performance, all without the need to purchase an asset.

Property Sense is not required to be regulated by the FCA due to our service's structure, which does not meet the criteria for classification as a Collective Investment Scheme or an Alternative Investment Fund. Our Legal Counsel has thoroughly assessed our operations and determined that we do not manage a collective investment undertaking, as there is no pooling of returns, and our arrangements serve a general commercial purpose, namely property refurbishment and letting. For more information, please get in touch with our team. We would be happy to share our full contracts and letter of legal opinion.

Making money from property typically requires a substantial initial capital outlay. For buy-to-let properties, you'll often need a minimum deposit of 35%. For residential properties, this deposit requirement is typically around 10%. Considering the current average property prices exceeding £250,000, this translates to a minimum deposit of approximately £25,000, excluding ongoing mortgage payments and refurbishment costs.
At Property Sense, we offer an alternative approach that doesn't require you to purchase an asset outright. Our innovative refurb opportunities allow clients to generate returns of up to 18% without the need for significant capital. In fact, you can generate rental income from a commitment of just £5k, providing a more accessible pathway for anyone to get into property.

Whether you are a portfolio landlord or new to property, reach out to our team today to discuss your unique requirements.

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