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Our Testimonials

Hear from our landlords, sellers, and investors.

Don’t take our word for it! We have helped hundreds of clients enjoy hassle-free property sales, profitable investments, and stress-free management.

“As a landlord, Property Sense has been a game-changer for me.

Their fully funded maintenance and repairs service not only saved me money but also relieved me of the hassle of managing property upkeep. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about unexpected maintenance costs has given me peace of mind and allowed me to focus on other aspects of property investment.”

Landlord -

“I’ve never been a risk taker but know when a good opportunity comes along and that if you snooze you lose.

This time I didn’t snooze and I’m so glad that I didn’t! Loving the monthly payments and whichever way you look at this, you cannot lose. Just wish I could do another refurb as this deal certainly won’t be around for long. I cannot recommend Property Sense enough. Thank you.”

Client -

“I researched a number of companies offering similar opportunities.

Property Sense was by far the most transparent and helpful. I had several phone calls and met the team in person before deciding to refurb one of their properties and they were extremely friendly and professional at all times.”

Client -

“Now that I am retired I was looking for a way to increase my monthly income.

I chose a property refurb that aligned with my goals and can honestly say it turned out to be the best decision I made. The money is paid into my account every month on time month on time.Therefore I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to earn more every month.”

Client -

“Property Sense provides a reliable opportunity to earn additional income and their customer experience is par excellence!

You feel well looked after by a professional team who are always there to answer any queries. Would highly recommend it if you’re after additional income and healthy returns.”

Client -

“The punctuality of payments has been fantastic, reflecting their reliability and professionalism.

What truly sets Property Sense apart is the genuine care and attention they provide to their clients. The creation of a club where we can socialise and connect is a testament to their dedication to create a strong community. Not only have I made a sound choice, but I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some incredible individuals along the way.” 

Client -